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Squeeze Them!

Did you ever imaginde that you can have an ublockable pop-up window to make sure your visitors see when they visit your site?

Squeeze them is making this happen. It is an unblockable pop-up in your site which shows itself to your visitors. It is using the core elements of joomla and work on cookies which you set their expiration times.

You can download our plug-in simply by registering. Do not worry it is FREE!.

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Download Squeeze Them! Dimitris


Dimitris Kouzis-Loukas has developed this version thanks to him.

Feature #1: Ability to re-show the pop-up when the content chages - by having a little callendar in the admin. e.g. if the content changes this Tuesday, everybody will see it (one time) the next time he gets to the web-site. This feature is configurable.

Feature #2: handling relative URLs which has to be handled specially when we have SEF URLSs.

Feature #3: Test function. A button that forces to show each and every time

Feature #4: Opacity of the backround can be customized

Feature #5: Option to handle the case when cookies are disabled. Always show or always hide (default)

Feature #6: Auto SWF object. Uses swfObject to automatically inject a swf video without the need to write any code. The video does NOT go into an iframe but is embedded directly in the SqueezeBox in order to allow the swf to easily and cross platform call javascript on the page.

Feature #7: Seperated the view and hide functions so they can be triggered by js e.g.

<a href="javascript:showV();"><wbr />Replay  intro</a>

Feature #8: The plug-in is now a system plug-in so it shows in EVERY page no matter if it fires onAfterDisplayContent or not - many components and an empty frontpage don't fire this event but we want the plug-in to get activated in every page of the site. It doesn't fire on any back-end pages though.

Feature #9: Finally made it pass xhtml-transitional validation (although css doesn't validate because of SqueezeBox implementation).

Note: You have to add the swfobject yourself into the template like this...

<script  type="text/javascript" src="/swfobject.js"></script>

Tested FF3.5, IE8, Chrome 3.

Below you can watch the tutorial howto install and setup the Squeeze Them plugin to your Joomla! site.