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We Would like you to meet JoomDalf your magician at service. Have you ever seen WordPRess sites with cool shortcode generators allowing people to create amazing buttons typography styles and more? Well JoomDalf brings them all to Joomla with even simplier interfcases. With JoomDalf you can create many cool looking pages and it doews not matter content ot component JoomDalf works whereever you seee a WYSIWYG Editr so that you can have its abilities in any page of your site.

With JoomDalf you can have those in your pages with just clicks!

  1. Column Layouts
  2. Accordions (nice FAQ Pages)
  3. Tabbed Content
  4. Toggling Content to give hints
  5. Google Charts
  6. Google Maps
  7. Embed videos from 76 Sources
  8. Cool CSS Buttons
  9. Nice iconized text and lists
  10. Nice info boxes, normal boxes and rounded corner boxes
  11. Nice Dropcaps

And all are limitless in colors and styling.  Hard to imagine? See video below.

Watch The Below Video (10mins) and see what magic is

JoomDalf is the extension you need if you were jealous about the WordPress Shortcodes. JoomDalf gives you the ability to style your content in all WTSIWYG editor enabled parts of your site with simple to use but powerful tools. What can be said? JoomDalf is the most powerful wizard out there.

JoomDalf comes as a component and two plugins and works in all pages and areas of your site not limited to core extnsions but also all extentions!

Visit our Demo site to see JoomDalf in action!