FAQ and Terms

What is your Licensing?

Our Extensions are released under GNU/GPL v2 Licenses

For how long am I becoming a member when I purchase?

Our membership programmes is not time limited you will be our member and get support and updates as long as we exist

How many domains can I  use your products on?

You can use our extensions on as many domains as you like

Can I deliver client projects with your products?

Yes you can and we encourage you to deliver projects to your client with our products.

What kind of support are you giving?

We are giving support through our forums.

Do you have a refund policy?

As we are delivering intangible goods which are ready to download right after your purchase we do not give any refunds. So sorry we have a strict no refund policy

As all your products are GNU/GPL why can't I get them free?

GNU/GPL states the software free as in free speach not like free beer.

I have a custom project can I hire you?

Yes you definitely can. Please shoot us a message from our Contact page